1. Warrantedobjects

Warranty Policy applies to the products of the company along with a valid warranty card and stamp within warranty period affixed on the product.


2. Warranty condition

If all products you buy within the warranty period will be warranted free. Products warranted relate to technical problems by our manufacturer.

The Company will not warrant with following products:

- Out of the warranty period indicated on the warranty stamp and card.

- Warranty card, warranty stamp, serial number were torn, crushed, corrupted or can not be determined.

- The products were repaired arbitrarily, deformed by falling, bumping, damage by natural and animals causes....

- The products put in inappropriate places with high temperature and humidity, or products were soaked in water.


* Note:

Please keep the warranty card and bring together with products to facilitate warranty.

If you need more detailed information, you can contact Customer Service.

Tel: 04.3928 6059

Hotline: 01239 558 999

Or You can come directly Swallow Ukulele Showroom to get the best help.



LIFE-TIME MAINTENANCE POLICY applies to all instruments you buy from the company. If required, we will:

- Adjust free technical problems in accordance with requirements of the customer.

- Clean instruments professionally.

- Advise customers all issues related to the product.