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Delicate sound, built with passion


"Pursuing and fulfilling the dream of accompanying human’s passion for music."


*  It is the Mission, the Happiness and the Motto of every person at Swallow Ukulele. With the burning aspiration and passion for manufacturing musical instruments, Swallow Ukulele has created and brought exceptional valuesto customers - Ukulele artists and Ukulele lovers with high-quality and professional Ukulele.

 *  Over 50 years of research and musical instruments manufacturing, started from a small workshop building musical instruments for Hanoi Conservatory of Music since 1957, which is now Vietnam National Academy of Music, today, we are a factory which manufactures No.1 professional Ukulele and Ukulele in Vietnam.

 *  Ukulele built with sophisticated craftsmanship by Swallow Ukulele are always ones which produce high-class sound and own luxurious, flawless aesthetics.

 *  Swallow Ukulele researches, creates and applies the professional – manufacturing quintessence in the world as well as strict producing and testing processes of Japanese Production Administration method.

 *  Using advanced materials in the international - professional Ukulele manufacture, all Ukulele of Swallow Ukulele are manufactured from high-grade solid wood imported from     Canada, America, India ...

- The top is made of woods: Spruce Sitka, Engelmann, Cedar…

- The body is made of woods: Indian Rosewood, Mahogany, Maple, Walnut, Sapele, Ebony, Bubinga ...

- The neck is made of woods: Mahogany, Maple ...

*  Tuning pegs, strings and accessories are imported from famous trademarks with high quality in the world such as  D'Addario, Savarez, Elixir, DJ, Fishman EQ,...

*  The quality value of guitar is much higher than the price that Swallow Ukulele applies to Vietnam market.

*  Ukulele of Swallow Ukulele are warranted in 1 year and maintained forever. Specially, professional and conscientious service will always help you enthuse with your Guitar – playing passion.

*  Finally, you have contributed effort to the development of professional Ukulele manufacture in Vietnam.


Sincerely Thank You!